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Transformation Toolkit 1.3: Fall Freedom

This content is part of a seasonal workshop series, developed and hosted by Stephanie Kittell and Filippo Conte. Our goal is to share our seasonal Toolkit (including movement practices, energy healing, yoga, reflexology, aromatherapy and powerful visualization and meditation techniques) to empower you and encourage you and those around you to thrive during the changing seasons.

The following video and audio files are taken from our most recent in person workshop, TRANSFORMATION TOOLKIT 1.3: Fall Forward (Saturday, October 6th). Our next TRANSFORMATION TOOLKIT 1.4: Winter Warrior will take place in December. More info will be available soon! Contact, Instagram, Facebook.


Having just come out of what usually tends to be a busy and at times tiring summer for most people, the autumn brings with it the opportunity to reflect, regroup and get back to business. What better way to go forward for the coming months but with the strength and clarity that increased energy and awareness bring? The following practices are specially designed to empower you to feel the specific energy and freedom that this time of year offers us and encourages you to thrive despite the shorter and colder days, imminent cold and flu season and the winter ahead.

Fall Focus Chakras:

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

Fall Colours of Focus:



Recommended Music 

David Jesse Kennet offers wonderful music on iTunes that would be perfect for the following two practices.

Recommended Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Vertiver 5 drops

Cedarwood (Atlas) 10 drops

Bergamot 5 drops

Lavender 5 drops


We all have the innate power to heal simply through positive intention, deep breathing and our individual vibrational touch. In this video you will gain a basic understanding of Self Healing Reiki through a simple series of 18 easy hand placements, deep breathing and meditative awareness. This is an empowering practice that you can do in yourself or others, anytime anywhere. This practice will leave you feeling connected, vibrant, and energetically aligned.

Sharing Reiki

To get the most out of this practice I recommend doing it in it’s entirety everyday for a period of 7, 14 or 21 days. You can then assess how you feel and determine the best way to incorporate it into your daily or weekly routine. You can do this as one whole practice or divide it into pieces that you can spread out during your day. Simply start with deep slow breathing and remember where you left off. Happy balancing!

Video Demonstration



Like a tree in the wild grows where the wind blew or animal brought its seed. 

But despite the odds matures and flourishes there.

In this enlightening and grounding guided healing visualization you’ll experience the seasonal transition by mimicking the accelerated growth of a tree from seed – embodying a return to your roots, a release of your leaves, and a settling into sweet stillness. This practice will activate and balance all your Chakras, with greater focus devoted to the basic grounding strength and security of your Root Chakra and the expansive intuitive confidence and reflective nature of your Third Eye Chakra.

Your Root and Third Eye Chakras contribute to personal and external awareness and mastering of one’s self and through this practice these will be amplified and you will also gain greater sense of space, the impacts of the world around you and perspective. This practice will leave you feeling lighter and recharged, with your awareness aligned – freeing and encouraging factors as we enter the colder and darker months ahead.

Good for:

Clearing and letting go

Refreshing and revitalizing

Problem solving

Guided Healing Visualization – Introduction

TT3: Return To Your Roots Intro

Guides Healing Visualization – Session

TT3: Return To Your Roots

To get the most out of this practice, I recommend repeating in it’s entirety once a week to start and then seeing how you can incorporate it or aspects of it in your own daily/week practices. Each time you do this it will be different.

Empowering Monthly Healing Circle

Join Filippo for his next Healing Circle. $10/person

Click here for more information/to register!

Transformation Toolkit 1.2: Summer Lovin’ – Heart Chakra Activation Facial Reflexology Demo & Aromatherapy Recommendations

This content is part of a seasonal workshop series, developed and hosted by Stephanie Kittell and Filippo Conte. Our goal is to share our seasonal Toolkit to empower you and encourage you and those around you to thrive.

Our next in person workshop, TRANSFORMATION TOOLKIT 1.3: Fall Forward is Saturday, October 6th from 10am to 1pm. More info will be available soon! Contact, Instagram, Facebook.


Wearing less clothes, the breeze through my arm hair and the sun gently bronzing my skin, fresh grass gently touching my toes, sun heated pebbles digging under my feet and feeling back to life in the salty warm sea;

Juicy apricots from our 30 year old tree, red fleshed peaches so sweet burst my mouth, timing the cherries before the birds get at them, mulberries quickly picked and stuffed in my mouth by the handful and figs cracked in two and swallowed nearly whole while I’m still on the ladder;

Rosemary and lemons, tomato plants and oregano, thunder storms and sun scorched soil, the Mediterranean and fig leaves lofting in the air and filling my lungs;

Rooster calling too early, crackle of the cook’s fire, waves moving as they do. Gurgle of our community fountain, high squeak of bats at night, distant thunder, manual transmission and car horns.

Soothing refreshing blues, brightly lit whites, deep vibrant greens, enticing pops of colour dancing, my view through the sun’s rays.

The planetary pull-down and sun’s bake, a palpable jovialness, the love and laughter of loved ones, the buzz of life all around;

Ahhhhh ✨


June 21st: Summer Equinox

What were you up to?

July 27th: Full Lunar Eclipse, fullest for the next 100 years

September 23th: Autumn Equinox


I love to use colour therapy in my daily life and practices.

Green is the colour of the Heart Chakra, which glows and shines a beautiful emerald green from the center of your chest. The Heart Chakra as well as green crystals (like the Labradorite above) are associated with balance, healing, love of self and all, self-esteem, connection, sharing and hope, along with the parts of the body in this area. Visualizing and connecting with the green glow of your Heart Chakra can help to bring these properties to your practice and life. Love = healing.

Green is a colour often used within healthcare and wellness as it is a healing colour and the most prominent colour when we think of nature; it is also known as the colour of growth and prosperity. Green is a harmonizing colour used to calm the mind and emotions. Some have studied and found its presence and power to also assist with insomnia, migraines, high blood pressure and digestion. Incorporating green in your life can be beneficial. 💚

Heart Chakra Activation Facial Reflexology Demo

This easy technique can be done anytime you need a boost to your Heart Chakra, whether it be needing a recharge during a hard day at work, feeling flustered after some unexpected news, on it’s own or as part of any practice, including before/during/after meditation, yoga, energy work such as reiki, a counselling session, etc. Doing this technique of three sets of ten swipes/mini circles at least a few times a day during times of hardship can be encouraging and refreshing. Who doesn’t need a little extra love in their life? The more love we have the more we have to share! The face map below indicates Point 1, which corresponds to the Heart Chakra. Aroma fellows…

Point 1: Heart Chakra Facial Reflex Point Map

Point one in Facial Reflexology is located in the middle of your nose and can be accessed using a clean finger/knuckle/rounded tool.


Do three consecutive sets of ten (or so) short swipes of point one giving a break between sets or three consecutive reps of pressing point one with your finger moving in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Repeat as needed or at least three time daily during times of hardship. Temporary redness is normal and will go away. Discontinue or alternate the swiping and pressing techniques if you have sensitive skin or bruise.

Point 1: Heart Chakra Facial Reflexology Map

Point 1: Heart Chakra Facial Reflexology Map

Summer Lovin’ Aromatherapy Recommendations

As an Aromatherapist, I have an oil or oil blend for everything. My favourite summer oils and their uses are listed below. Explore and have fun with oils, but please be careful, know how to properly use oils. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments below or by contacting me. For example, citrus oils (like lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit) are photosensitive (make your skin susceptible to burning in the sun) so always follow appropriate dilution guidelines 1-5 drops of essential oils per 1 ml carrier oil (like food grade coconut, sunflower, grape seed, olive oil) for skin application. When properly diluted the oils can be used on the skin as a refreshing post shower zinger, aftersun soother or under nose inhalation. Alternatively, you can use them undiluted inhaled through a vaporizer/diffuser or on a tissue and taking ten initial slow deep breaths, then inhaling as needed. Essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin, bringing direct healing to the area and your whole system while also powerful and work fast through your olfactory system throughout your body. See for yourself how much you need to get the desired result. Start slow to gauge. Babies, pregnant, chronically illness, taking medications, ongoing/severe symptoms – consult an Aromatherapy professional for the most suitable results based options.


Ginger, Coriander, Jasmine, Lavender, Bergamot, Palmarosa and the below are essential oils associated with the Heart Chakra. I use these oils to bring an extra loving vibration and aroma to practices.

Use essential oil properly diluted for your skin. 1-5 drops (equal 1-5% dilution) of pure essential oil per 5ml of carrier oil (like coconut, grape seed, olive, sunflower oil) should be sufficient. Be cautious if going higher. Food grade oils are suitable for skin application. A little does certainly go a long way.

Below are few of my favourite Summer Lovin’ essential oils and their uses.

Geranium – Anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, soothing to skin, scar tissue, so the production, bacterial aside, painkiller, calmant, anti-depressant, general tonic, wounds, balance, an overall sedative, very uplifting and balancing to anxiety.

Rose Otto – Antimicrobial, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, balancing, call Ming, hormone simulator, bacterial diuretic, female tonic, PMS, mental disorders, balances hormones, skincare, wrinkle prevention, broken veins, dermatitis, eczema, excellent overall for anxiety, depression, emotional problems.

Rosemary -Painkiller, General stimulant, anti-viral, bactericidal, general stimulant, antiviral, bacterial aside, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, pulmonary antiseptic, mental and physical fatigue, adrenal tonic, blood circulation, general pains including rheumatism, mind clearing in memory of stimulant, vertigo, skin astringent, hair loss, generally anti-depressant, uplifting and fights mental/physical fatigue.

Peppermint/Lavender Refresher/Soother Blend


Drop method. Place one drop of either or both in the palm of your hand with at least five drops of a carrier oil (like olive/sunflower/coconut oil), rub into hot overworked feet or shoulders, as an insect repellent and room/body/face refresher.

A few extra drops of carrier little goes a long way when gently applied to cool and heal a sunburn. Both are perfect rubbed into your temples and the nape of your neck to relieve headaches/tension and vigorously rub onto skin/muscle to ease inflammation and pain. While Peppermint Oil is cooling and uplifting, Lavender is soothing and calming – both are refreshing and help clear the mind. How lovely to have a simple all-purpose treatment to make personal care natural, easy and affordable. Plant-friendly, time and money saving. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have money to waste.

Read more about lavender oil

Note that peppermint oil is amazingly pungent. I would not use more than one drop per preparation above. A little goes a long way as it has a stimulating effect – so not the best at bedtime. Make a test batch in a small glass container, if you do not have experience with essential oils/these oils. Do a spot test to see your reaction to the product and discontinue use if you notice a reaction after 15 minutes. Please let me know if you have any questions. Contact page.

Oldie Goldie Blog

Light-up Your Life, How To

Empowering Monthly Healing Circle

Experience for yourself how energy balancing can help you achieve your physical, emotional/mental and spiritual goals. Join us for 1.5 hours of group and individual intention setting and energy balancing (releasing and clearing, revitalizing and refreshing) at The Centering Space (near Broadview Station, Broadview & Danforth).

CLICK HERE for more information and to register

Pod Mask Facial

Easy Personalized Home Facial Treatment

These little pod masks made of super thin cotton take on the properties of the liquid they are soaked in. Available online, these pods come to life when drenched in essences, oils, toner, flower water or a strong tea of soothingly refreshing lavender flowers, calming chamomile flowers or zingy peppermint are all among the lovely options to soak your pod. This whole exercise brings me back to being a child and makes high quality skin care treatments accessible and truly personalized.

How To

Check out the photo collage below for an idea of what you’re looking for.

1.) Liquid – At least three teaspoons of liquid. Here I used more like two tablespoons each of aloe vera gel, witch hazel and sunflower oil and a 2-5 drops of pure lavender oil, mixed in a small bowl. I usually like to go heavy handed on the ingredients, allowing the pods to be nearly dripping, but you do what you’re comfortable handling and with having on your skin.

2.) Pod Activation – Toss the pod in the liquid, allowing it to sit and absorb the mixture, tossing the pod every so often, until the mask moistens, expands and is completely loaded with the healing mixture. This takes several minutes. Enjoy any access mixture on your hands/body.

3.) Drenched Mask Application – Carefully unwrap/unfold the mask. You may want to do so on a dinner plate, I find it helps. You know your skin. Apply the mask on to your clean face for at least 5 minutes and no more than 20 minutes, resting supported on your back, head resting on a towel is best. Use a pillow under your knees and reposition yo finds comfortable position.

4.) Glowing Reveal – Remove the mask, blot/pat off most (not all) the excess oil with a barely damp cloth or damp paper towel.

Despite the use of the oils, this mask is suitable for all skin types and is a potent anti inflammatory and helps balance the skin’s oil production. Having said this, you may want to follow the mask removal with several splashes of warm water and/or a pat of a dry/damp towel. No toner to follow. Allow your skin to absorb the oil before any other skin application.

Your skin will be so soft, soothed, hydrated, conditioned – plumped and glowing. Stunner every time!

Facial Reflexology

Revitalizing and Toning Facial Reflexology Technique

This video includes a basic introduction to Facial Reflexology and an easy to do body, mind and spirit technique that accesses your meridians, similar to other acu-treatment modalities. This treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and balanced as all your systems are engaged, overall circulation improved, face collagen and elastic production stimulated, all using a simple face swiping technique.

Results when done regularly. Improved digestion, muscular, endocrine, circulatory and respiratory function. Headaches, congested sinus and allergy symptoms relieved. Reduced stress, tension and balancing of blood pressure. Over time, you may notice a tightening and lifting of your forehead and peripheral areas of your face, therefore also impacting your eyes area.

How To

Repeat morning and night, no more than 3 times daily unless under the supervision of a Facial Reflexology professional. Use a clean rounded tool (pen or your knuckle, for example). Ensure your face or at least areas of treatment area is clean.

Apply a facial oil, if you like.

Redness is normal and will go away or try using a soothing combo of 1 drop of lavender to 1/2 teaspoon aloe vera gel mixed in a bowl as an applicator.

Step 1: Get into position. Supported and comfortable, on your back or sitting.

Step 2: Take several long slow deep breaths. Each breath energizing every cell, clearing your mind, revitalizing your spirit, making you feel lighter.

Step 3: Follow the diagram below, swiping each area of treatment approximately 10 times. Any order, as long as you end each full face routing with the ear swipes, up and down along the sides of both ears. Apply a firm constant pressure.

Step 4: Do one or two more rounds of step two and three.

Step 5: Share this easy technique and ask me if you have any questions.

Recommended Essential Oils: Lavender, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Tangerine.

Revitalizing and Toning Facial Reflexology Technique Map


Revitalizing & Toning Facial Reflexology Technique Map

Releasing Self-Healing Combo

This technique combines Facial Reflexology, Aromatherapy, energy awareness and hand placement to induce deep relaxation – resulting in a gentle releasing and clearing of your mind, body and spirit.

The steps below can be used as is, a self-healing practice, and also combined in some way with your current mediation practice; as a way to enhance the energetic exchange as well as to revitalize the chakras, easing them back to a harmonized state.

This practice can take only a few minutes or up to one hour, depending on how many areas you would like to cover. Ensure you have water near by so you can take sips if needed. Essential oils/incense and music help to bring your senses to life.

Recommended Music: “Reflection”, by David Jesse Kennet

Recommended Essential Oils: Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Tangerine

Note: Essential oils should be diluted when applied to the skin. Lemon and Tangerine are photosensitive (make your skin sensitive to the sun) and are therefore used sparingly, particularly when sun exposure is expected.

How To

Step 1: Get into position. Supported and comfortable, on your back or sitting. If you wish, get your favourite meditation music going. You can keep your eyes open and just under the horizon point or closed.

Step 2: If using essential oils, massage a drop under your nose and a drop or two in the palms of your hands.

Step 3: Access your chakras by swiping each area indicated in the video above and on the Chakra Awakening Facial Reflexology Map. Swiping each area ten times, repeating up to three times.

You can start to meditate now or go on to the next steps for a full self-healing technique.

Step 4: Taking slow deep releasing and clearing breaths, rub your hands vigorously for a good 20 seconds, allowing the oils to warm up and aroma to release.

Visualizing a brightening yellow glow flowing between your hands brings the intention of action, confidence, creativity and energy, characteristics shared by the Solar Plexus chakra. The chakras are explained a bit more below.

Step 5: When you start to feel the heat in your hands, and yellow glow bright, cup your hands around your nose and mouth, taking slow deep glowing breaths. After ten slow deep releasing and clearing breaths, you are ready to place your hands – see below.

Ensure you keep taking clearing and refreshing deep breaths throughout; fully out without forcing and in just what you need, easy and slow, in and out. Also, continue to visualize any yellow from creamy to golden or more amber yellow.

Step 6: When your healing is over, place your hands together, take a few grounding deep breaths and start to come back to your body by moving around, getting up carefully and in your own time.

Hand Placement Techniques

These two techniques can be done alone, coupled or in conjunction with any balancing, de-stressing, healing technique.

Consulting a professional in these modalities can provide more personalized insight and results.

Intuitive Hand Placement: Follow your intuition. If you often get headaches or have a busy mind/life, placing your hands on your head would be a good idea. If you have digestive, reproductive, cardiac or a pain in a certain area, including hand placement in these areas would be prudent. Keep your hands at each position for at least 2 minutes, no more than 5 minutes.

Do this technique as needed.

You can create a routine of your own and/or track your progress by keeping a date log of symptoms going in to the treatment, areas targeted and outcomes. This technique does not replace consultation with a doctor or medical diagnosis/treatment.

Chakra Balancing Hand Placement: Keep your hands on each area below for 3 minutes each. Completing this technique will leave you feeling lighter, refreshed and recharged. This technique should be done daily, but can be done up to three times daily for times of great stress and illness.

Body Part(s) – Chakra – Colour – Correspondence

Top of head – Crown Chakra – Shining White – Entry/Connection

Forehead/Between Eye Brows & Back of head – Third Eye Chakra – Fuzzy Violet – Intuition/Intention

Throat, side of neck – Throat Chakra – Brilliant Blue – Expression/Balance/Healing

Heart, side-by-side hand placement – Heart Chakra Emerald Green – Heart Matters/Emotions

Between chest and naval – Solar Plexus – Glowing Yellow – Energy/Confidence/Creativity

Under naval – Sacral Chakra – Orange – Interpersonal/Joy

Between thighs – Root Chakra – Red – Grounding/Centering

Chakra Awakening Facial Reflexology Map


Chakra Awakening Facial Reflexology Technique

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