Integrated Health Services

Olistika’s integrated treatments maximize the holistic tools we offer – allowing you to gain the compounded benefits of each modality, boosting your positive results.

Reiki and Reflexology allow us to listen to the body, mind and spirit and target the areas where balancing and healing are needed. Integrating Aromatherapy into the mix compounds the positive impact by offering powerful products that can be used on your body and in your environment to access healing on a deep level.

Integrated Treatment Pricing

20 minutes – $30

40 minutes – $60

60 minutes – $80

90 minutes – $120

120 minutes – $160

When a take home Aromatherapy Product is recommended, a 10ml bottle can be added at an additional cost of $10.

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Ongoing Care Packages

Special pricing is offered when three or more 20 to 40 minute sessions are needed to combat acute and/or chronic issues. Contact us at for further information.

Contact Us

We would love to work with you and support you on your journey to balance and improve your wellbeing.

Telephone: 416-768-0799


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