Note on Religion, Spirituality, Angels and Holistic Medicine

Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and forms of spiritual/energetic healing, like Angel Therapy, can be traced back thousands of years and work on a highly vibrational level, positively affecting your body, mind and energetic centers (chakras). While these techniques are not directly linked to any one spiritual belief, most spiritual and cultural beliefs incorporate the idea of miraculous energies and beings, healing of some kind and use oils or aromas to comfort, empower and support; imparting a range of benefits including a sense of wellbeing and the vital greater connect to those around us, and the universe.

When we speak of Angel Light Therapy (which we will begin to offer as part of our New Year Toolkit in January 2016) we are referring to a non-denominational form of high vibration spiritual healing. It is done through the guided sharing of energy between your practitioner and a direct connection to the universal consciousness, ‘source’ energy. Through your practitioner’s connection and relation, the source energy manifests as helpful and guiding energies that we refer to as ‘angels’. These energies are also commonly known as spirits, messengers and guides and bring awareness and encouragement from the source, empowering you to live at your best.

Although the term ‘Holistic’ Practitioner sounds like it is a form of holy, religious or spiritual medicine, the word holistic actually refers to an approach that examines contributing factors and treats the ‘whole person’ (mind, body and spirit) not simply the illness at hand to achieve balance and wellbeing. By taking into account the person’s physical, environmental, psychological, social and spiritual circumstances, holistic practitioners use a variety of complementary modalities to heal and stay healthy. When one is balanced, healing takes place naturally.

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