Olistika Inc.

New Holistic Business and Blog Launch

After decades of using holistic treatments like Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy to deal with anxiety, stress, confidence, change, severe acne, injuries and just about anything I was faced with, I am excited to bring Olistika Inc. to life and to bring my perspective through this blog. I hope you will join me on this journey to improved wellbeing.

Olistika Blog will showcase holistic health and beauty, lifestyle and culture, news and tips. We will feature valuable insight that we hope will expand your perspective, enrich your life and empower you to live better. Expect expertly shot and edited videos, a curated index of healing and beauty techniques, Filippo’s home cooked recipes and an inspiring idea or two.

Filippo Conte, Founder, Olistika Inc.

Filippo Conte, Founder, Olistika Inc.

Olistika Member!? As an OM you always get that bit extra at Olistika Inc. Discounts, sample sessions, free products, individual and community healing techniques and invitations to solstice events are yours, simply by receiving our blog. To take us up on these offers, please follow our blog below. [We do not share your information.]

New Client Discount

To celebrate our launch, new clients enjoy a 15% discount on their first purchase from Olistika’s selection of services and products. Learn more …

We want to hear from you. Comment on our posts, share your insights and let us know about pertinent news and updates. We may feature them on our blog. Comment below or contact us at info@olistika.ca.

Happy Launch!!

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