Pizza Fridays

You’re Invited to Pizza Friday!

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Friday night is pizza night in my house. Check out this Friday’s Summer Vegetable and Chicken Pizza recipe.

Ten years on, this simple and cost effective tradition allows my partner and I to reconnect, decompress and feel the positive benefits of a simple but stable constant in our life – while allowing me to bring joy to my pizza-loving partner at the end of a long week; This all in the form of a filling, easily assembled and versatile meal, I can make with anything I have in the fridge and that fills the house with a glorious aroma.

A magical exchange occurs when good food made with love and the right people are brought together. The pizzas in this case, are tasty, but are simply a medium and the manifestation of our tradition. For me, the main goals of a tradition like this are to strengthen connections, to feel supported and to share. I will continue to share a different pizza with you as often as I can. Some will be simple and others more complex. We hope they inspire you.

Whether you celebrate Pizza Sunday to recollect at the end of a busy weekend; Stir Fry Monday the first Monday of each month with a group of friends after a yoga class; or, Chili Wednesday to make good use of your slow cooker and watch a favourite TV show with your bestie; Start a healthy tradition with those you care about and begin to feel the positive results.

My Friday nights usually end in a post pizza relaxing and balancing mini Reflexology treatment, a sensual Aromatherapy blend diffusing in the background and …

… Good morning weekend!

Look for our next blog post about this face ….

Me, 14 years old

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