Testimonials & Edorsements

While apprehensive at first, I approached Filippo after a serious back injury a year ago. His warm demeanour immediately comforted me as we discussed different aspects of my life, issues and areas of concern, both physical as well as emotional. I was unsure of what to expect and the first session left me feeling slightly disoriented and out of my body. Two days later though, the best description would be a sense of personal charge and self-awareness. Over the course of the last few months I can confidently say that my time spent with Filippo helps ground me and align myself in daily life, from personal problems, to the subtle mechanics of my body. Reiki is a means of fine-tuning, and Filippo is an exceptionally empathetic guide on this journey. – NM, Canada


Filippo’s wealth of knowledge, professionalism, and genuine care made Reiki a healing experience for me. During the sessions he made sure that I felt welcomed, and he listened to my needs and dealt with them intuitively.

Filippo goes above and beyond to provide a safe and therapeutic space for his clients. He is very talented and is constantly learning ways to incorporate different modalities in his healing sessions. I recommend Filippo to anyone who is looking for a caring and dedicated Reiki Master Teacher. – MA, Canada


Every Reiki session I’ve had with Filippo has turned out to be a transcendent experience.  Both his healing vibrations and his intuition are profound.  Even when I work with him at a great distance, when all we have is FaceTime, he is able to enter the room where I lie and read the intricate messages my body is sending him.  He is both a great healer and a visionary. – JO, USA


My sessions with Filippo have not only dramatically changed my flow of energy but they have healed my heart and soul. Our time together has encouraged me to be brave and I have become more conscious about the choices I make in my life. I could not imagine my world without him. – CB, Canada


Filippo’s energy is electrifying. He is a pleasure to work with and he has healed me in so many ways – mentally and physically.  I’m grateful to work with him on my wellbeing.

I suffered from a chronic pain in my right shin for a number of years. On one of my first visits with Filippo, he identified the pain without my mentioning it, after the session I immediately felt the pain lifted and since it has not returned! He is a miracle worker! He also helped clear the blockage in my Throat Chakra, and now things are much more in line. I highly recommend him! – AM, Canada

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