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Group healing and balancing is specially customized to your group’s needs – incorporating combinations of individual and group Reiki, Aromatherapy and individual Reflexology, as applicable. Our services and products complement most western and eastern medical treatments and forms of counseling.

Group Healing: Reiki

We are delighted to offer balancing and healing packages for groups of two or more (including children and animals) that are focused on improving connections, communication, collaboration and cooperation. These sessions can integrate Reiki and Aromatherapy, and act to further lock and fortify our personal connections by removing obstacles and blockages; improving overall wellbeing, mood, energy, clarity and focus; fostering more collaborative relationships and cooperative environments.

Group Health Plans

Olistika’s Group Health Plan is for groups of two or more (including families, children and animals) any combination of Reflexology, Reiki and Aromatherapy at your home, office or other location in the Toronto area. Our hourly, half day and daily packages conveniently and affordably allow your group to take advantage of personal 15 to 60 minute Reiki, Reflexology and/or Aromatherapy services that improve overall wellbeing. We value ongoing relationships; Discounts are available for ongoing treatment.

Group Sessions To …

  • Improve group connection in environments where there is an imbalance in or lack of cooperation and cohesiveness.
  • Offer beneficial services to family, friends and staff as a gift or incentive that provides mental, physical and spiritual support during times of need.
  • Provide support during cold, flu and allergy season.
  • Combat fatigue, increase mental alertness during busy and stressful times.

Group Sessions For …

  • Corporations – team building, board of directors, organizational development, project development
  • Families – reproduction, pregnancy, infants, divorce, stepfamilies, adoption, age related issues, bereavement
  • Couples – marriage, pregnancy, connection issues, cheating, divorce, bereavement
  • Friend groups – infighting, missed connections, emotional issues
  • Sports teams – bring balance, cooperation, communication and focus
  • Pets – animal relationship issues, new animals in your home

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We would love to work with you and support you on your journey to balance and improve your wellbeing.

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