Note on Essential Oils, Oiliness & Oily Skin

Our skin care blends are expertly designed to begin their work upon application – to be easily absorbed and to nourish all skin types (including oily skin). When applied according to our professional guidelines, you should not be left with an uncomfortably oily residue. Essential oils are generally light substances that evaporate when exposed to the air for long periods and that should be used according to specific guidelines.

Oily Skin?

If your skin is oily or combination, our blends can be your best ally. Speaking from direct personal experience, we know that most ‘oily skin’ or acne products on the market dry out the skin so much that the skin is left baron, dull and unbalanced; automatically encouraging your skin to product more oil as protection. Applying one of our customized oil blends balances oil (sebum) production, unclogs pores, reduces mid or end-of-day shininess and redness and heals and prevents conditions like blackheads and acne. This all while imparting mental, emotional and skin care (healing, anti-inflammatory, wrinkle softening, anti-aging, cell regenerating) benefits.

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