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Living on after death is easier than you think.

When I was seven years old, someone very dear to me died. Her name was Nina and she was someone I had always known; someone whose arms I ran to with ramped childhood joy, someone who held me warm and close when I was hurt and crying, someone whose almond cookies brightened my day (and increased my already high energy), someone whose aroma comforted me – she was someone my little heart cherished.

Her death came suddenly, and as the first loss I had ever experienced, brought with it many questions. I saw her body, but she was not there. Little me knew we all die someday, and had a concept of the afterlife, where everyone’s souls lived on into infinity, where I would go one day, but it hurt.

Weeks passed and I seemingly got on with things. That is until my grandmother, Nina’s sister, made my favourite almond cookies.

After a day of playing, I entered our house, smelled the familiar aroma and was hit by a wall. Little me, stopped, smelled, relived and started sobbing – my face in my hands. My grandmother, a strongly intuitive woman, came running to me and knew exactly why I was crying. “It’s the cookies,” she said as tears streamed down my face and I hiccupped repeatedly. “She is always with us, through our memories, traditions and there, right now beside you, with her arms open.” I cried even more.

Loving family

Loving family

From that day on, almond cookies mean Nina to me. Whether it be a familiar smell, dish, keepsake, song on the radio or dimes you constantly find on the ground, confirmations that our loved ones are with us need only be limited by your love for the person.

Aromas are very powerfully linked to our memories, acting as keys to past experiences, places, events and people. A specific aroma and as such Aromatherapy, can trigger an emotional or mental response, giving us access to deep seeded memories and emotions, allowing us to heal.

By remembering, incorporating and celebrating our deceased loved ones in our everyday, we learn to ease the pain, look for confirmations of their ongoing presence and encourage those around us (especially children) to view death as a natural process, not to be feared, but to be included, as a part of life.

Whether it is All Souls’ Day, the Chinese Ghost Festival or Japanese Bon Festival, many cultures and religions commemorate the departed on given days of the year. In many parts of the world this day of commemoration follows Halloween, on November 2. Did you know? Halloween has it’s roots in Samhain, an ancient Gaelic end of harvest festival celebrated with big feasts, music and bonfires to light the night.

Whether on November 2, the anniversary of your loved one’s death, on their birthday or everyday, I encourage you to commemorate your departed loved one and allow their light and soul to live on through you. Do this by lighting a candle, playing a song, saying a prayer or poem, looking at old photos and telling stories (noticing similar physical or persaonlity traits), doing something you associate with them like cooking a special dish or going for a walk in their old neighbourhood. It seems easy to forget, discount and get caught up in our busy lives, but commemorating only takes a moment of your day, is very enriching and improves your connection with your loved one’s soul.

I am grateful to have had Nina in my life. October 18th was the anniversary of her death. I made almond cookies, connected with her energy through meditation and made a Special Blend of essential oils to mimic her aroma for her daughter-in-law to wear, in loving memory.

Mountain_Top_SunsetFor those of us who remain, the light can seem dim, as only a few rays peak through, but I find great comfort in knowing that my loved ones are near, not just in my heart, memories and traditions, but in my blood, the colour of my eyes, shape of my fingers, walking with me everyday. I will not forget those who helped shape me.

Being aware, living in the present with a fond and learned eye on our past and keen sharp eye on the future we are better placed to live wholly.

Aromatherapy & Reiki for Grief & Loss

I’ve used Aromatherapy and Reiki to release, bring light and encouragement when faced with life’s challenges for 20 years now and I am truly grateful. Trying to see the light at times of loss isn’t always easy, but by using my holistic toolkit, I bring the light back.

I cried as I wrote this. Not because I have yet to release related emotions, but because I still miss Nina. She is someone my big heart still thinks about, fondly brings forward in my everyday life and cherishes. ❤

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Inspiring Messages are Everywhere

Openness | Gratitude | Stay Warm | Happy

Autumn is my favourite time of the year.

Wearing *shorts and a sweater, while enjoying the brisk breeze on sunny warmish days; the vibrant hues of the trees and smell of fallen leaves that blossom on fire; the birthday’s of my beloved Libras, who help to balance and bring joy into my life; a relaxing end of day soak in an Aromatic Salt Bath which helps ease me out of the day and into bed; sipping a cup of freshly steeped Honey and Sage Tea under a blanket on my terrace; sharing and connecting with family and friends during Thanksgiving… make me very happy and grateful.

Monday, October 12th, 2015 really resonated with me since it was a Canadian Thanksgiving (the 2nd Monday of October, for those of you who didn’t know), with its eve falling on the 11th.

[Number Nerd Alert] Many of us connect with the number 11 – noting it as a confirmation around us, as we go about our day. This being said, and noting the 11th before Thanksgiving on the 12th, I took this as a message and opportunity to stop, look, reflect and give thanks for that which will come – Thanksgiving on the 12th; a reminder to be grateful for that which we had, have and will have.

Gratitude allows us to see the good along with the bad. Gratitude brings awareness and appreciation to what we had, have and will have. Gratitude brings with it light and makes us happier.

Autumn_Trees_High_ParkTo be grateful for what is to come, openness and being focused forward in the positive are important. Being grateful for what is to come provides a runway for hopes, dreams, goals and many wonderful possibilities to manifest, and a platform for a balanced perspective when faced with the negatives.

I’ve made being grateful for the future a daily exercise since October 11th, 2015, and I feel GREAT! I feel more balanced, am receiving positive results and confirmations and am even sleeping better. Today one of the things I’m grateful for is Pizza Friday – yum ❤

Gratitude How To 

There are ways to explore and express gratitude to suit everyone. Being generous with your thank yous, grace before meals, journaling, … . Two particular exercises I enjoy are explained below. What is your interaction with gratitude? How do you show you’re grateful? Please comment at the bottom of this page.

Walking High

I’m very big on walks and often practice being grateful for things while I walk; Noticing things around me that I am grateful for on my regular walk to work, in a neighbourhood I never visited, … anytime. A sunny day and fresh breeze, pastries in a bakery window, an encounter with a friendly dog; there are many things to be grateful for that we walk by each day that simply require a bit of awareness and openness to note. It’s interesting to pay attention to when and for what we are grateful.

Frown Upside-Down

I often speak with my clients about the importance of a balanced perspective when faced with glitches and obstacles on their paths. Looking at a frown as an opportunity to smile or turning the negative to a positive is not always easy, but gratefulness helps. What is good about this? In which ways can I be grateful for it? What can I take from this? These are a few good questions to worth through.

*Yes, I’m one of the few people who wear shorts well into the autumn. Hairy legs and cozy woollen socks help.

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Olistika Inc.

New Holistic Business and Blog Launch

After decades of using holistic treatments like Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy to deal with anxiety, stress, confidence, change, severe acne, injuries and just about anything I was faced with, I am excited to bring Olistika Inc. to life and to bring my perspective through this blog. I hope you will join me on this journey to improved wellbeing.

Olistika Blog will showcase holistic health and beauty, lifestyle and culture, news and tips. We will feature valuable insight that we hope will expand your perspective, enrich your life and empower you to live better. Expect expertly shot and edited videos, a curated index of healing and beauty techniques, Filippo’s home cooked recipes and an inspiring idea or two.

Filippo Conte, Founder, Olistika Inc.

Filippo Conte, Founder, Olistika Inc.

Olistika Member!? As an OM you always get that bit extra at Olistika Inc. Discounts, sample sessions, free products, individual and community healing techniques and invitations to solstice events are yours, simply by receiving our blog. To take us up on these offers, please follow our blog below. [We do not share your information.]

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We want to hear from you. Comment on our posts, share your insights and let us know about pertinent news and updates. We may feature them on our blog. Comment below or contact us at

Happy Launch!!

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