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Light-up Your Life

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By 4:30 pm here in Toronto all that’s left of the sun is barely peering above neighbouring buildings, my home looking dim as I walk towards the living area. Click, click, press, push, push and bursts of light and colour begin to fill every corner and wall.

photo 9

Our psychedelic mushroom patch,   brightening our nights and mood

Thanks to my partner’s passion for lights, we have an impressive collection of ambient lights, including a projector, mushroom, teardrop and ghost-shaped lights, a UFO, even something called a JellyFish to brighten our space.

I’m grateful for this special mood enhancing set-up, especially when the earth tilts us northward this time each year, around holidays like Diwali (the Hindu ‘festival of lights’, which took place earlier this month) and even at times we feel somber about the state of the world following attacks like those in Paris, Beirut and elsewhere over the past couple of weeks.


While our lightshow is a passion and hobby that adds beautiful edge to our home, it is also in fact my partner’s intuitive manifestation of light and colour therapy; As the lights gently release one colour to the next, coolly nodding yes-yes-yes, almost like a slow gentle dance on the walls, they sooth, calm, uplift, balance as well as quickly deliver the individual benefits of each colour in an engaging way. Wow! Just what we need to encourage us to remain balanced, level headed and on the up in an easily accessible way, without negative side effects; bringing light into our life both physically and spiritually.

What is “Light”?



How To Light-Up Your Life

Bringing light into your life can relax, calm and comfort, uplift, inspire and stimulate, balance, release and heal; it really depends on you and your needs, associations and experiences. So while there are some shared sources of light, like enjoying a party with friends or your favourite meal, it’s very individual – so explore and enjoy. What is light to you? Where do you find light? Please comment below.

How To Light-Up Your Life, Read More …



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