Light-Up Your Life: How To


You can bring light into your life and the lives those around you by the way you think, having a balanced and positive perspective to the cloths you wear, whether white, coloured or a well thought out and fun outfit; how you listen actively and speak optimistically realistic to what you eat, drink and enjoy; what you do for work, development and fun to what and who you surround yourself with – ensuring they’re uplifting, enriching and engaging.

Awareness, a positive perspective and loving action, bring light and make you feel good. Seemingly mundane occurrences have provided some of the most inspiring and affirming experiences for me. As I go about my day, I constantly look for opportunities to bring light into my life and the lives of those around me. And bringing light into the lives of those around us should be explicitly encouraged, but should not be forcibly offered. A smile you give someone on the street, may just be what that person needs to feel encouraged, supported and connected at that time.

We sometimes can’t avoid or remove the negatives in life, but we can certainly increase the positives that bring us and those around us love, joy and peace.

Light Therapies 

Taking care of yourself and integrating holistic treatments into your routine can bring joy, love, balance and light to your life. Olistika offers deeply impactful fully customized individual, couples and group treatments for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Please follow the links below for further information and pricing.


Waking up feeling fresh and bright thanks to an Olistika Bespoke Oil Blend

Essential oils and Aromatherapy treatments can induce a deeply uplifting sensation while also awakening our senses and spirit and providing a deeply rooted spark for memory recall. While Olistika’s Bespoke Oil Blends are created according to your specific body (skin type), mind and spiritual needs and can be used to bring a nurturing sense of balance, relaxation, calm they can also be stimulating, uplifting and anti-depressive.

Reflexology is a holistic treatment that accesses each part of your feet, hands and head is directly linked to each body part (from nervous to skeletal system) and each energy point (chakra); Using a series of techniques that release and stimulate, the corresponding reflexes are awakened, tension is released, circulation is improved and healing is induced.

Sharing Reiki

Hands on Reiki to the right shoulder during a session

Reiki is a natural hands-on energy healing technique that deeply but gently balances you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually by releasing blockages you carry, removing obstacles and restoring your depleted life force energy. By restoring harmony, Reiki leaves you in a state of profound relaxation and optimal vibration – where your body is empowered to better heal and balance itself.

Angel Light Therapy is a non-denominational form of high vibration spiritual healing. It is done through the guided sharing of energy between your practitioner and a direct connection to the universal consciousness, ‘source’ energy. Through your practitioner’s connection, the source energy manifests as helpful and guiding energies that we refer to as ‘angels’. These energies are also commonly known as spirits, messengers and guides and bring awareness and encouragement from the source, empowering you to live at your best.

photo 6

Crocheting a scarf as a gift or for a charity sale shares the love

Light Action

Do things you enjoy, that inspire you and that make you healthy and positive. I bring light into my life by working as a holistic practitioner and sharing with my clients, family and friends. I also bring light into my life by going for a lakeside walk, cooking tasty meals with my heart, crocheting a gift for a friend’s birthday, calling a bestie for a quick afternoon pick-me-up and laugh, gardening on my terrace and seeing the wildlife that visits, going to my local café and seeing a beautiful bouquet of flowers, visiting a new exhibit at a gallery, taking part in some form of strengthening and invigorating physical activity – Pilates, yoga, tai chi … .


Preparing a healthy meal for loved ones always makes me feel happy

Stop Awareness

Take time – to stop, look and listen. Take a couple of minutes to stop (making sure you’re in a safe place), take 10-slow-deep-breaths while allowing in what’s around you, paying attention to what you notice, how it makes you feel, what you like and what happens. Any awareness you gain from this short exercise should be put to good use; take care of yourself and all around you, listen and share, learn to listen to your body, mind and spirit. I do this exercise throughout the day, note the things that make be feel positive and try to repeat them.

In addition to the ideas shared above, bring light by … 


A bouquet of fresh flowers lifts my spirits

Light Rain

Whether comfortably at home, on public transport or waiting for your flight, take a few quiet moments to meditate imagining light streaming into your crown and through your body.

Light ID

Identifying things you are grateful for, like a friend’s new pet, a bouquet of flowers, your morning coffee/tea, your loved ones.

Light Object

Place a beautiful plant, glimmering crystal, special memento or fun photos somewhere you can see it often, smile and feel good.

Light Sharing

Share your favourite thing, story, song or dish with someone around you.

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