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Autumn is my favourite time of the year.

Wearing *shorts and a sweater, while enjoying the brisk breeze on sunny warmish days; the vibrant hues of the trees and smell of fallen leaves that blossom on fire; the birthday’s of my beloved Libras, who help to balance and bring joy into my life; a relaxing end of day soak in an Aromatic Salt Bath which helps ease me out of the day and into bed; sipping a cup of freshly steeped Honey and Sage Tea under a blanket on my terrace; sharing and connecting with family and friends during Thanksgiving… make me very happy and grateful.

Monday, October 12th, 2015 really resonated with me since it was a Canadian Thanksgiving (the 2nd Monday of October, for those of you who didn’t know), with its eve falling on the 11th.

[Number Nerd Alert] Many of us connect with the number 11 – noting it as a confirmation around us, as we go about our day. This being said, and noting the 11th before Thanksgiving on the 12th, I took this as a message and opportunity to stop, look, reflect and give thanks for that which will come – Thanksgiving on the 12th; a reminder to be grateful for that which we had, have and will have.

Gratitude allows us to see the good along with the bad. Gratitude brings awareness and appreciation to what we had, have and will have. Gratitude brings with it light and makes us happier.

Autumn_Trees_High_ParkTo be grateful for what is to come, openness and being focused forward in the positive are important. Being grateful for what is to come provides a runway for hopes, dreams, goals and many wonderful possibilities to manifest, and a platform for a balanced perspective when faced with the negatives.

I’ve made being grateful for the future a daily exercise since October 11th, 2015, and I feel GREAT! I feel more balanced, am receiving positive results and confirmations and am even sleeping better. Today one of the things I’m grateful for is Pizza Friday – yum ❤

Gratitude How To 

There are ways to explore and express gratitude to suit everyone. Being generous with your thank yous, grace before meals, journaling, … . Two particular exercises I enjoy are explained below. What is your interaction with gratitude? How do you show you’re grateful? Please comment at the bottom of this page.

Walking High

I’m very big on walks and often practice being grateful for things while I walk; Noticing things around me that I am grateful for on my regular walk to work, in a neighbourhood I never visited, … anytime. A sunny day and fresh breeze, pastries in a bakery window, an encounter with a friendly dog; there are many things to be grateful for that we walk by each day that simply require a bit of awareness and openness to note. It’s interesting to pay attention to when and for what we are grateful.

Frown Upside-Down

I often speak with my clients about the importance of a balanced perspective when faced with glitches and obstacles on their paths. Looking at a frown as an opportunity to smile or turning the negative to a positive is not always easy, but gratefulness helps. What is good about this? In which ways can I be grateful for it? What can I take from this? These are a few good questions to worth through.

*Yes, I’m one of the few people who wear shorts well into the autumn. Hairy legs and cozy woollen socks help.

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