Reflexology Treatment, What to Expect

Expect to immediately feel relaxed, but revitalized, unblocked, but grounded.

During your Reflexology session, you remain fully clothed, with only your feet, to just above ankles exposed. Your registered and licensed reflexologist begins by gently cleansing your feet using Olistika’s soothing products. If you selected a Soothing Footbath, your footbath will last at least 10 minutes and will feature a personalized therapeutic aroma blend. After the cleansing, you will lie on a comfortable treatment table where first, mobilization techniques are used to prepare your feet and second, your personalized reflex point treatment takes place. Your treatment includes relaxation exercises, chakra clearing and awakening, lymphatic drainage and pressure techniques to heal your whole body. By the end of your session, you are updated on any blockages or issues that have been identified.

Your first appointment is always at least 60 minutes long, but subsequent appointments are usually shorter – depending on your specific case.

While your practitioner guides you and minimizes the soreness you feel while your feet are worked on, it is normal to feel some soreness and pressure when certain reflexes are accessed. It is important to remain relaxed and to breath through any soreness or pressure felt.

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