Reiki Treatment, What to Expect

During your Reiki treatment, you may experience various body sensations and forms of releasing and a greater sense of awareness related to past, present and future blockages or issues. After your session, expect to initially feel lighter, looser, relaxed but reenergized. Releases, a sense of balance and comfort as well as greater overall relaxation, awareness, focus and clarity are common. The results of the balancing, releasing and healing are often instant, but may also develop over time (up to weeks after your session) – especially for chronic conditions.

You will be asked to come to your treatment with one or more intentions or focuses for the Reiki Master to work with. Intentions are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blockages, issues or imbalances that the reiki will be directed to to bring balance and healing. During a Reiki treatment, your certified and licensed practitioner acts as a channel or conduit for the life force energy that is directed and offered to the client by touch, hovering the hands above the client and/or through directed intent. Your body and spirit know what is needed and draw only what is needed to balance, heal, restore and relax. You remain fully clothed on a comfortable treatment table and need simply remain open – allowing the energy to flow as and where needed. Expect to receive feedback regarding any blockages and imbalances at the end of your session.

In-Person Treatment

During a Reiki treatment, you remain fully clothed, laying on an comfortable treatment table. A typical session includes a pre-session chat, the Reiki healing and feedback at the end Reiki. With the exception of our special packages, a typical session ranges from one to two hours.

Distance Treatment

Distance treatment are as impactful as in-person treatment. Similar to an in-person treatment a distance session includes a pre-session chat, the Reiki and feedback at the end; The difference is that you speak to the practitioner via Skype, FaceTime or phone at an agreed upon time and lay down on your own bed, sofa or other comfortable spot. During a distance session, the practitioner creates a strong connection with the client, thereby creating a bridge of energy to be share with the client throughout the treatment. Clients often experience the same or more intense energy, visions and sensations as during an in-person session. This format is ideal for those not able to come to downtown Toronto or who cannot accommodate an at home visit.

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