Reiki For …

Pregnancy – Fertility, nausea, pain, delivery, postpartum depression

Infants, Children, Teens – General ailments, restlessness, sleeplessness, immune system, focus, clarity, calming, stress, transitions/changes, back to school

Midlife, Seniors – Mood and anxiety, age related issues and decline, hormone imbalances, transitions/changes

Women – Menstruation, menopause, Lupus, eating disorders, conditions of the reproductive area, energy, libido clarity, confidence

Men – Conditions of the prostate and reproductive area, andropause, concentration, fatigue, libido, lack of interest, clarity

Couples, Divorce – Couples issues, reinforce connection, trauma, crisis, transitions, improve communication

Families – Shared conditions, trauma, crisis, transitions, reinforce family member connections, improve communication

Businesses – Improve wellbeing, staff connections, cooperation and communication

Groups, Teams – Improve wellbeing, member connections, cooperation and communication

Athletes, Sports Teams – Improve wellbeing, team member connections, cooperation and communication as well as provide healing and balancing for mental, emotional and physical issues

Animals – Improve wellbeing, obedience, connection with other animals and people as well as support during trauma and times of change (travel, moving)

Creatives – Provides mental focus, concentration and clarity, opens creativity and improves confidence

Spirituality – Clearing, opening and balancing, guidance before, during and after spiritual awakenings and transitions